Deposit Recovery


Did you know that CTA has a Deposit & Asset Recovery Program?

Each year thousands of unreturned deposits and refunds go unclaimed due to lost paperwork, incorrect addresses, ownership changes, overpayment errors and more!

At CTA we know just how hard your organization works at maintaining a positive cash flow along with the day to day operations of a growing business. We know there isn't always time or expertise on staff to sort through older communications or research for refunds. CTA's Deposit and Asset Recovery Program is a comprehensive program exclusively for our clients. CTA Identifies and verifies deposits and refunds due back to your business. CTA manages and files all necessary paperwork needed to recover funds. CTA's Deposit & Asset Recovery Program is contingency based, no risk and PRE-QUALIFYING. We are compensated only when you receive a refund - in the form of a check.




Each year, millions of dollars are lost due to unnoticed telecom billing errors. In fact, some studies have shown as many as 20% of all telecom charges are a mistake, with 95% in favor of the telecommunications carrier! Could your business be paying more than it should? Without the time or resources needed to scrutinize the voice/data, internet/cable and mobile carrier invoices; errors could go unnoticed for years.

CTA staff reviews invoices to build each client a picture of what is being paid for. Then we compare the picture again current and past contractual agreements. With a hands on approach; every page of all invoices are carefully reviewed, no computer programs used, industry knowledge and years of experience is what make each and every audit 100% successful!

CTA staff has obtained back millions of dollars for our clients.

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During 2011, I transitioned HRMC's phone system to a VolP system. Since then I've been fighting to find time and resources to clean up the loose ends and bring closure to the phone system conversion. Contingency Telecom Auditing came alongside and did that for me in a very short time. Tami found refunds and other missing money, circuits and POTS lines that were still being billed, and resolved long distance issues. She helped renegotiate and co-terminate contracts for internet service at several locations, reducing that cost by nearly 30%.

I gladly recommend the many helpful services of Contingency Telecom Auditing. CTA embraced HRMC's mission and exceeded expectations by facilitating the recovery of thousands of dollars in deposits, uncovering new contract credits and identifying other previously unexplored cost-saving opportunities. Well done CTA!
- Leon Hoover, Chief Information Officer, Hendry Regional Medical Center, Clewiston, FL


Wisdom, understanding and knowledge are the foundations of Chabad-Lubavitch. It is with that spirit our community extends a very special thank you to Contingency Telecom Audit. Over 20 Chabad-Lubavitch locations were evaluated and assessed for deposit recovery potential. Over $10,000 dollars were recovered for Chabads' located in FL, DE, NJ, CA, CT, VT and IL- with the oldest deposit dating back to 1996! We would have never known refunds were due had it not been for the outstanding efforts of Contingency Telecom Auditing.
- Rabbi Bukiet, Rebbetzin Chanie Bukiet - Chabad of Bradenton


Sometimes trying to confirm if deposits have been returned can feel like traversing through the untamed Wild West! Luckily for us, Contingency Telecom Audit strapped on their high-performance boots and through extensive research retrieved our long-lost deposits. Our hats are off to this team of recovery experts.
- John McDonald, IT Manager - Justin Brands/Justin Boots/Chippewa Boots/Tony Lama Boots/Nocoma Boots


Now that was easy! CTA did all the work. With just one look at our Verizon invoice, CTA knew we'd been over charged. Who would have guessed such a small line item would add up to such big savings! We are very pleased.
- Ray Wize, Owner - Durango Dental, Bradenton, FL


CTA took our existing information, provided a detailed side-by-side analysis of the two plans and even compared them against a third. Now we have everything we need to make the best long-term decision for our company. For quality research and customer service excellence, we proudly recommend Contingency Telecom Auditing llc.
- Bill Wallace, Firm Administrator - Wells Marble, Jackson MS


At Titan Fitness, we're serious about staying lean and keeping fit. That's why when we learned we could trim some of the "fat" from out telecommunications bills, we were all for it. Contingency Telecom Auditing took the time to scrutinize our billing in a whole new way. The painless process slimmed our bottom line, cost us nothing and now saves us over $23,000 a year. Now that's what I call results!
- A.J. Mushtaq - CFO, Titan Fitness - McLean, VA 22102


NDC Construction Company retained CTA to audit all telecommunication services. The results were amazing, CTA has the unique ability to audit all billings and contracts services finding items that you are being charged for that you mostly likely do not know that you have nor need. The findings that CTA produced with our audit will now save NDC thousands of dollars a year.

We contracted with CTA to assist in finding refunds and to assist in obtaining new phone and data service providers for NDC. CTA was in the NDC corner - a "pit bull" to protect us and to obtain every penny overpaid.

CTA is a professional service who NDC Construction highly recommends. Thank you! NDC appreciates the savings you have found for us!
Sheri Mozina, NDC Contstruction Company - Bradenton, FL


The Manatee County School System engaged CTA to perform a Fax Line Reduction Audit Project - the results of reviewing 65 buildings expanded the project beyond auditing the fax machines, copier units were added to the scope of work - our end result included the elimination of 96 stand alone fax machines, reduction of electrical costs , the elimination of separate ink and toner purchases, elimination of T-1 Telephone Circuits, the reduction in our technology carbon footprint and a savings of over $120,000 for next school year! - Thank you CTA for all your hard work and the results.
- Dr. Tim McGonegal, Superintendent, Manatee County Florida


Contingency Telecom Auditings' drive, professionalism and perseverance made a mountain of mess into mission enabling savings.
- Chip Cox III, CEO - Latin America University Research and Education Networks Foundation, Inc, Miami, Fl


CTA has a very good knowledge of the telephone industry and its myriad of charges. Tami is able to discuss these with her clients in a non-technical manner and then find for the them the lowest charges available and/or the correct charges to minimize their expense and maximize their refunds from the carriers.
- James Comisky - Comisky & Associates, Cortez, Fl


CTA was wonderful to work with! The team was extremely knowledgeable regarding our telecommunications options. CTA presented our needs to vendors, then clearly defined goals for our accounts was superb. I would highly recommend Tami and CTA!!
- Julia Rice, Owner - Brand Extract, Houston, TX


CTA stepped right in. Requested the appropriate backup and made the necessary calls. Most importantly, CTA followed up with the rep and with me. Talked me through the options and clarified any questions. Tami knows the business, which in this ever-changing marketplace is no small feat. I implemented the suggestions and Levy Ratner will save money. Thanks CTA!
- Sophia Gutherz, Levy Ratner - New York City, NY


CTA has helped Becks Prime lower both telephone and DSL costs for our stores. What we appreciate is that CTA is prompt on returning e-mails and phone calls. The CTA staff makes sure each situation is handled in a timely manner, even if it is after corporate business hours. CTA for us is not a one shot save, we know that as we grow our chain of stores we call upon CTA to guide us for best rates/services.
- Molly Voorhees - President, Becks Prime Restaurants - Houston, TX